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Monday, August 17, 2009

I Hate This Part

I've been ignored my blog for some times. Many many things happened in between. And dont feel like wanna mention them out one by one. I'm very busy de....*evil smile*

Addicted with dragonica recently. Playing acolyte. Yahu~ still level-ing ~ all my times spent on this online game...=.=
And thank you to those who helped me defeat the Dr.Farell. Oh he is definitely gone crazy in the game.
Next time only post my screenshot here. Let you all jealous my cutiest acolyte..hehe ;D

I'm annoying enough till Mr.Whang complaint... :(
I Lost My Way ..again.
This love is difficult, but it's real too.
I dont know how to handle this time. First time I feel why love become so ma fan?!
And I cant feel his love. Obviously.
I want back my precious passed time together with him. I'm not good enough to be his gf.

人生有多少个十年?最紧要系活得痛快! <----- 柴九这句话最中听~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


最近和Wei Yeen谈天谈到 Angelababy,(之前已经知道这号人物了)虽然只是一点点...但是我很认真地去搜了一些她的照片 (*·*)/
真的很靓女咯!而且也很红~ 头发又长,脸尖尖地,又瘦~
hehe...just don't know why i like to see leng lui...(-.-)''
but i am 100% normal and i love MALE !

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The day spent at Pasta Zanmai*

This is the food tat ordered by ah bee. looks nice ~

This is the food tat ordered by siew wai. I'm in love with the 'hak ji ma'..haha ! ( coz i play with it)

And this is the food ordered by kar men. =)

Another shot for siew wai's food. =)

And one more shot for ah bee's food.

And for sure, group pic ~

Wee ~

We king gai at pasta zanmai after eating there. King till like nobody business !
Laugh, Loud...haha ~ that is this group's personalities ~
And,and...guess wat ?!
I wear same colour with Ah Bee ! wooots...so ngam ~ *give me 5*
Haiya, mei ban fa, she's my lao po >.<
Itu siew wai, changed lots. =.= Not from the look ~ She went clubbing~ ! yuhuu ! shock-nya saya!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


*cough cough*

1stly, Yanyan, i must say thank you to u ! really de, after chat with u...i feel more comfortable and calm down. (^.^)v

yahuu ! i find this pic through google.com and i want to tell all of my friends, it's glad to have u all as friends ! hehe ~ (3 8-ing)
Ah Yan, i love u !
Ah Bee, i love u !
Yin Huei, i love u !
Wei Yeen n Pei Ling, love both of u too !
Cutezyy, i love u !
haiya, since i'm tired of typing all this...so for others... I LOVE YOU ALL. (>.<)

then leh, i want to announce that : I am Not Happy !

hoho ! because i get less holidays compare with others . zz.. ok, complain about holidays stop here.

Mothers' day is around the corner. Do u guys prepare for the present to give to mummy ?

hehe ~ i do. But just still in the discussion way ~ hope mummy feel satisfy and happy then okay already.

Attention : I want to eat takoyaki !!

ok la, just a simply update ~ will end here ~

Take carez all.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Why? Why everything happened so sudden?
I feel that i'm very useless.
The plan cant go on just like what i planned. Fine then.

Arghh...!! Stress !! So stress !!
Please go away !!

Look like i'm falling sick. Dizzy, cough...visit me already.
Oh my oh my, if i fall sick already..
I want u guys to clap ur hands, congrats me. Heehee



I miss him.
Can he feel what I feel?
Hope so.
I love him.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's time to study.....?

I still dun have the mood to study right now. Why leh? Because today 15th of april is me n my bb big day. It is a really very very important day. YooHoo!! (claps**)

Hmm. Exam is comin' soon. 25th. Ah yan will end her exam at 25th.
Omg. I damn bu shuang her lo. Somemore she dont need to resit because she got excellent result. Zzz
**Hey xiao jie, dun only jealous on other ppl. You are the one should put more effort on ur study ! **
Yii ? where is the sound comes from? Angel ? haha

Anyway, i wish that no more resit on the same subject again. please. I am force to like Bs n Qs. It is so suffering. lolx.
I promise will prepare well for Bs n Qs. So, both of u dun bully me again ya. =D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

May I ... Love You ?